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NEW Full Cover Press On Nail Set

Quality Professional Style Luxurious Full Cover REUSABLE 24 Piece Nail Set with Glue & Jelly Nail Stickers!

Four Step Easy Directions & Application Process.

Prep nails before application for best results and can last for 7-14 days with proper care using nail glue & 1-2 day temporary wear with jelly nail stickers. 

Use for temporary 1-2 days wear (jelly stickers) OR long wear 7-14 days (nail glue). ***

Nails can be filed down to desired length and decorated to your liking.

Set includes everything needed for the perfect luxury manicure: 1 24 piece nail set, 1 mini nail buffing file, 1 cuticle stick, 1 alcohol prep pad, 1 jelly nail sticker set, 1 nail glue. 

 Press On Nail Sticker Adhesive Application: 

Select a sticker which fits the false nail tip. Take the sticker out and place it to the false nail tip.

Gently press the sticker to ensure no bubble or gap between the sticker and the false nail tip. Remove the protection sheet from the sticker.

Place the false nail tip to your finger and press it for about 5 seconds. Enjoy your new 1-2 day reusable luxury press on manicure!

See steps below for removal.*

Press On Nail Easy Removal:

Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes to allow nail sticker to soak for easy removal.

Do not remove it abruptly which may leave sticker adhesive residue on natural nail surface. In that case, you can use soap & water.


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