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Lash Extension Cleaning Foam and Waterproof Lash Liner Glue Set

Up your lash game with our super easy to use waterproof liner glue adhesive in matte black & hypoallergenic gentle foaming cleanser for eyelash extensions, removes daily makeup and debris build up on lashes due to makeup products as well as helps in the aid of breaking down glues for easy removal. Safe to use around eyes and does not compromise the lash of curl or volume. 

How to Apply Liner Adhesive: Draw your cat wing eyeliner as you normally would, lay your falsies right on top with tweezers or guide with fingertips.

That's it! No more waiting, no more mess! Be sure to hustle darling, the liner adhesive dries down matte within seconds, waterproof and long lasting wear!

Precise felt tip applicator to get that thin day wing or thick date night wing, the choice is yours.

2 piece set includes: 1 Foam Cleanser & Eyeliner Adhesive Pen - Black

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